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Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium 2023/24

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Pupil premium is funding to improve education outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in schools in England.

Evidence shows that disadvantaged children generally face additional challenges in reaching their potential at school and often do not perform as well as other pupils, so in April 2011 Pupil Premium was introduced and allocated to students from low-income families who are currently eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and to students who have been looked after for more than 6 months continuously.

Research showed that, as a group, children who have been eligible for FSM at any point in time have consistently lower educational attainment than those who have never been eligible for FSM, so Pupil Premium funding was introduced as a method to help close the attainment gap and help to provide all students with the same educational opportunities.

Pupil Premium Strategy 

tiered model planning 2023 24.pdf



 Pupil Premium Eligibility

Below is more information on who is eligible for Pupil Premium.

  • Pupils who are eligible for free school meals, or have been eligible in the past 6 years (including eligible children of families with no recourse to public funds)
  • Pupils who have been adopted from care or have left care
  • Children who are looked after by the local authority.

The amount of funding received varies depending on circumstance and in any case of students who are in Looked After Care, the funding is paid to the local authority and payments made from the authority to the school once the student is on roll.

Pupil Premium Priorities at Coopers School

At Coopers School our priorities for Pupil Premium funding are:

  • Improve the attainment and progress of our disadvantaged pupils
  • Improve the literacy and numeracy levels of our disadvantaged pupils
  • Raise the aspirations of our disadvantaged pupils
  • Build the cultural capital of our disadvantaged pupils.
  • Remove the gaps in the Key Performance Indicators of Attendance/Punctuality of our disadvantaged pupils.

Research from EEF of how to use Pupil Premium funding at Coopers School

Pupil Premium