Please ensure you have carefully read through the Prospectus and Course Guide before completing your on-line application, paying close attention to the individual subject entry criteria.
ALL applicants MUST achieve at least a 4 in English and a minimum GCSE APS of 4 in August to enrol.

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The IB Career-Related Programme

Coopers is an IB World School. The IB Career-related programme (IBCP) offers academic study and practical hands-on experience through an integrated package, consisting of a minimum of two IB Diploma subjects, studied alongside one of the career-related study options (see page 52 of the prospectus). Due to the blend of academic and professional study, the programme is suitable both for students with a particular career interest, and for students who do not yet have a specific career pathway in mind.

If you are interested in the IBCP, please ensure you have selected subjects below that fit with the programme.


Please ensure you complete your choices in PREFERENCE order.

To give a greater initial choice, we are giving you the flexibility to choose any combination of subjects before we have timetabled them. We will endeavour to accommodate all choices and combinations, and will discuss these with you at our meeting in the Spring term.

You MUST choose at least three subjects. *The fourth choice is optional for students that wish to study four subjects.

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